Updates regarding weather and field status

PSC is committed to membership notification of a field closure on this home page by 4pm.  We try to catch most parents and players before the majority get in their cars to rush home for supper or soccer!

  • If at 4pm the website indicates that fields are open, you should plan to head to the field for game time.
  • There are a multitude of forms of social media available today and wherever possible, we try to also provide updates on services such as Twitter and Facebook. However, not all of our members use those vehicles, so please rely on the website as the primary indicator for field closures.
  • If the date on the website is not the current days date, but the fields are shown as open, then they remain open.
  • If the weather deteriorates between 4pm and game time,  teams should meet at the field and the decision regarding the safety of playing the game (safety to the players and also to the fields themselves) will be made by the referees.
  • If parents are not comfortable with playing in the rain, they are not obligated to have their children play.  For obvious safety reasons, we will not have games continue in the event of lightning (see our lightning policy).
  • Sometimes, fields are closed by 4pm and the weather improves.  We sometimes receive numerous calls asking why games can’t be played.  If fields are saturated and played on, it can damage the pitch for future games; not all fields drain the same.  It is a logistical nightmare to inspect all fields after a significant weather incident and determine if all can be played on and then coordinate notification to specific teams that their games are being played or not played.  Thus, once closed, fields remain closed until the following day.

Please note: rain outs are not guaranteed to be replayed at an alternate date.

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