Thank you for the Awesome Super 7’s Program!

I wanted to say that the Super 7 program led by Nixon, was instrumental in developing Samten (U11) into the player she is now and now her younger sister, Yeshi is benefiting from Nixon’s guidance.  This program is definitely needed and hopefully continues.  This [program] offers us a way to encourage young children to develop their soccer skills in a way that is positive and fun.  As an Early Childhood Education student currently, I’ve learned that children learn best through play at this age.  This type of program is crucial to achieve athletic development while also instilling a love of the game.  The children respond so well to Nixon’s guidance, feedback and warmth.  Parents respect him for his way with their children and his organized, effective program.  I hope the Super 7 program with Nixon at the head is around for years to come!

Yours truly,

Tenzin L.

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