PSC and MadSkills at the 2015 Pickering Santa Claus Parade

Good day Paul,

Here is the link to the official promo video MADSkills Entertainment Inc. did at the Pickering Santa Claus Parade on behalf of Pickering Soccer Club in November 2015.

The video can be shared and will be posted on our site and YouTube respectively.  It is only 1:45 sec in length but definitely captures all the excitement of the event as we interacted with the large crowd to give away the prizes that Pickering Soccer Club provided us with (soccer balls, scarves etc.).

Hope you enjoy the video, and on behalf of MADSkills (Willy, Paul and I) we thank you and the staff for having us!

We look forward to performing for you guys again next year as we had a great time and it was a lot of fun!!!

Merry Christmas and many thanks,

Richard Lissone
MADSkills Entertainment Inc.
(647) 283-7740

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