Game Schedules


(Dates/times subject to change based on final registration #’s)

2017 Summer Outdoor League

  • Rescheduled Games Details (as of June 19, 2017)
  • Effective June 19, 2017, Brock East is now open.  Brock West remains closed until further notice.  However, all games scheduled on Brock West will now be played on Brock East at the regularly scheduled date and time.  Brock East games are also being played on Brock East at their regularly scheduled dates/times.
  • Revised field layout for Woodlands

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Full Field 11 v 11

2017 Outdoor Year End Tournaments


  • U3C     U4C     U5B     U5G     U6B     U6G     U7B     U7G     U8B     U8G

Year End

  • U9B     U9G     U10B     U10G     U11B     U11G     U12B     U12G
  • U14B     U14G     U16B     U16G     U18B     U18G
  • Women’s

2017-18 Indoor Recreational Leagues

  • U6     U8     U10     U12     U15    U18     Women’s
  • Physical Literacy Schedules:   U6      U8      U10     U12
  • Women’s League Standings