Competitive Coaching Staff

The Pickering Soccer Club realises the importance of having quality coaches that can deliver our curriculum and have an impact at the different stages of our player’s development, so we invest heavily on the recruitment and training of new and experienced coaches, providing them with a solid platform for their development.  PSC has International, National and Provincially Licensed coaches on staff, and each of our coaches complete their Respect in Soccer certification.


Director of Coach & Player Development

Ramin Mohammadi – UEFA A License



2006 Boys Green – CSLBarry Donnelly – National B

2006 Boys Gold – DRSLSabil Abdulla – Soccer for Life

2005 Boys Green – CSLMike Beckford – Soccer For Life

2005 Boys Gold – DRSLSabil Abdulla – Soccer for Life

2004 Boys Green & Gold – DRSL – Brian Mahon – Soccer for Life

2003 Boys Green & Gold – DRSL – John DeBenedictis – Provincial Pre-B

2001 Boys Green – OSLPatrick Thompson – National B Pt 1


2005 Girls Green – DRSLRichard Lissone -Provincial B

2003 Girls Green – CSLOllie Malone – Soccer for Life

2002-03 Girls Green – CSLBayete Smith – National B Pt 1

2001 Girls Green – CSLJohn Antonopoulos – Soccer for Life