Walking Programs

Walking Soccer

Walking Soccer is a new take on soccer; participants must be walking whether they have the ball or not. This allows players of all skill and fitness levels to participate and be engaged in the sport. Walking Soccer is played on a smaller field, 5 on 5. There is no special equipment needed for this program. We do ask players to dress comfortably and have running shoes. No age restrictions.

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We are offering this program, as a recreational activity, with no referee, using players to referee themselves in the game.

The rules are simple:

·        No running, jogging or sprinting on and off the ball

·        The ball must not go over the players heads

·        Tackling is at a minimum, light contact allowed

·        Running will give the other team a free kick

·        You cannot score on a free kick

·        Throw-ins become kick-ins

The Pickering Soccer Club is offering this new program every Friday beginning February 9th 2018 at the Pickering Soccer Centre from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Walk the Dome

Starting February 5, 2018 come join us on Monday and Friday mornings for “Walk the Dome” at the Pickering Soccer Centre. The Pickering Soccer Centre is fully accessible, with a soft turf indoor surface and ample parking. Enjoy some light music, use our Nordic Walking Poles while make new friends. No age restrictions and no special equipment required.

1 km = 2.85 times around the dome



Every person who signs up for Walk the Dome will receive a FREE pedometer!


For more information on the walking programs please contact Tammy Lyle-Gravlev at 905.831.9803 x 210 or inmotion@pickeringsoccer.ca.