Coaching Staff

The Pickering Soccer Club realises the importance of having quality coaches that can deliver our curriculum and have an impact at the different stages of our player’s development, so we invest heavily on the recruitment and training of new and experienced coaches, providing them with a solid platform for their development.  PSC has International, National and Provincially Licensed coaches on staff, and each of our coaches complete their Respect in Soccer certification.

David Benning, Director of Soccer

Dave brings the experience and success required in this position to continue building the Club and provide additional leadership in the delivery of our technical strategic plan.

As a TD, Dave has most recently been instrumental in creating a showcase pathway for players to be scouted and recruited by university coaches both here in Canada and in the United States. From 1993 to 2003 and 2013 to 2017, Benning was one of the first technical directors hired in Ontario (Glen Shields FC) which opened a new industry and vision for youth clubs to hire a professionally licensed coach(s) to provide the necessary technical leadership to all club staff. From 2003 to 2013 Dave was the Technical Programs Manager at Canada Soccer where he was responsible for the National Training Centres across the country. In addition, he was the U15WNT Head Coach and U17WNT Assistant Coach at the U17 World Cup in Azerbaijan in 2012 where the team finished as quarter-finalist to North Korea.

David will act as the Club’s chief spokesperson for Club-level technical matters involving all governing bodies and leagues. He will be focusing on the overall technical vision and plans developed for our approved 2019-2022 Strategic Plan with a mandate to maximize a positive, standards-based culture including all required technical administration of planning, reporting and budgeting.


2012 (U8) BOYS

Barry Donnelly

3 teams

2012 (U8) GIRLS

Barry Donnelly


2011 (U9) BOYS

Warren Hutchinson

3 teams

2011 (U9) GIRLS

Chris Lavine

Norman Smith

2010 (U10) BOYS

Brian McClymont


2010 (U10) GIRLS

Steve Gangadin


2010 (U10) GIRLS

Hollie Babut


2009 (U11) BOYS

Trey Thompson

Pat Thompson

2008 (U12) BOYS

Darien Hafiz

Jamaal Exeter


2007 (U13) BOYS

Ollie Malone – CSL

Aloysius Adolf

2007 (U13) BOYS

Brian McClymont – DRSL


2007 (U13) GIRLS

Desi Humphrey – CSL

Langley Hindle

2006 (U14) BOYS

Barry Donnelly – CSL

Ron McGarry

2006 (U14) BOYS

Manny White – DRSL

Nick Cimone

2006 (U14) BOYS

John DeBenedictis – DRSL

Fabian Best

2004 (U16) BOYS

Brian Mahon – DRSL

Danny Ziannis

2003 (U17) BOYS

John DeBenedictis – CSL

Fabian Best

2003 (U17) BOYS

Vicknesh Panchalingam – CSL

2003 (U17) GIRLS

Ollie Malone – DRSL

George Whiteside

2002 (U18) BOYS

Steve Miller


2002 (U18) GIRLS

Nick Silva Ramierez – DRSL/CSL

High Performance

2006 (U14B) OPDL

Ravi Dindial

Elvis Thomas

2005 (U15B) OPDL

Ravi Dindial


2003-04 (U17B) OPDL



2007 (U13G) OPDL

Chris Williams


2003-04 (U17G) OPDL

Paul Deabreu




Francis Etienne




Paul Martin

Francis Etienne

1999-01 (U21) WOMEN’S OWSL

Bayete Smith




Paul Deabreu