Coach Development

Pickering Soccer Club recognizes the important role that coaches play in developing players at every level.  The development and training of our coaches is so crucial for our player development, and as result our coaches need to ensure that they have the correct qualifications and up to date training aligned with the Canada Soccer pathway in order to deliver quality sessions for their respective age group.

As Pickering Soccer Club’s Director of Coach and Player Development,  Ramin brings a wealth of experience to the Club, our staff, and our members – coaches and players alike.  After years of working as a coach at the University level, at the Provincial level, with OPDL teams, as well as serving as technical director for community clubs, Ramin knows his way around the soccer pitch!  Ramin has also worked with Ontario Soccer’s player development department, and he has played a significant role in the ongoing implementation of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) and Grassroots soccer in Ontario.

In his current role as Director of Coaching at Pickering Soccer Club, Coach Ramin spearheads the education and development of our coaches at every level to ensure our young players are receiving the appropriate information aligned with their stage of development.  He also works with coaches to prepare those who wish to pursue their coaching at Provincial and National levels.

List of workshops:


  • Courtesy of Parachute Canada:  Please click here for the Coach/Parent/Athlete Pre-Season Education Sheet on Concussions.


Female Mentorship Coaching Program

At Pickering Soccer Club, we are committed to the support and development of female coaches in our community and Ontario. The Female Mentorship Program is designed for our senior players as well any interested individual who may wish to help our young players, or to be part of the coaching staff at any level within our club environment.

Pickering Soccer Club is encouraging our female players to participate on our mentorship program, in order to increase the number of female coaches at Recreational, Development, and High Performance levels.

Created by our experienced Director of Soccer Development and our technical department, PSC’s Female Mentorship Program has been structured to prepare and educate our female coaches, enhancing their knowledge of each stage of of Long Term Player Development.

Our program will be delivered through coaching workshops, consisting of classroom sessions, on field clinics, and understanding of player’s behaviour and managing the session to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our young players. Candidates will have the opportunity to observe, and be mentored by our senior coaches currently coaching at our High Performance/Elite level.

Date and time of workshops will be announced.


Long Term Coach Development Pathway

At Pickering Soccer Club, we strive for a coaching development pathway that both encompasses and aligns with Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer.

Our goal is to map out a high quality, standards based plan in order to develop coaches who are willing to educate themselves to be able to connect the young player’s potential to their actuality.

To ensure that we maintain the success of our pathway, we place emphasis on the following key planning points:

Manager of Coaching Development:

  • To overview the coaching program, and make sure all our coaches have been upgraded to the most recent coaching certificate/license base on appropriate age.
  • To provide ongoing support to all coaches as needed.
  • To conduct on field and classroom sessions for coaches based on the players appropriate age.
  • To implement an evaluation system to overview the progression of coaches.
  • To ensure that all coaches understand and familiarize themselves with the talented player pathway.
  • On going communication with Director of Soccer Development and High Performance Manager to evaluate the progression of the program.

Coaching Recruitment:

  • To recruit, educate, and support players who play in senior teams (League1), Varsity, and Competitive.  This will bring a sense of serving the community, and a role model for younger players.
  • To implement, and maintain ongoing support for the Female Mentorship Program.
  • To recruit, encourage, and support the female players to be involve in coaching pathway.

Coaching Education:

  • In-house clinics, and classroom sessions.
  • Inviting quality guest coaches for player age appropriate training.
  • Provide coaches in every level with resources and curriculum.
  • To make all resources accessible to all coaches.
  • Provide technical support to all coaches both paid or volunteer.
  • Monthly coach meeting to discuss any issues, and encourage networking of ideas.
  • A mentorship program for younger and newly certified coaches through qualified and experienced technical staff.

Plan of Action:

  • To have 2 C level newly-licensed coaches in 2019
  • To have 2 Canadian Children’s level newly-licensed coaches in 2019
  • To have 2 Canadian Youth level newly-licensed coaches in 2019
  • To have 1 Canadian A level newly-licensed coach in 2019
  • To equip all new and current coaches with appropriate certification from Ontario Soccer to align with LTPD (on going)

Coach Development:

Providing our club coaches with the appropriate skills and knowledge through the provision of training courses for both football specific coaching and also broader player management.

Coaches are a key point of contact for skill and game development knowledge for players, particularly a club’s junior players. It is vital that they are provided with the appropriate support and are given every opportunity to develop their own skills and knowledge of the sport. This will make a coach more confident in their role and enable them to have the desired impact on players.

  • Organising (and ideally subsidising) the appropriate level of coaching courses for each club coach through your Member Federation.
  • Having a high-profile guest coach take our club coaches through a training session.
  • Appoint a Coaching Coordinator to oversee all club coaches.
  • Monthly coach meetings to discuss relevant issues and network ideas.
  • Senior coach to attend junior games and provide feedback to junior coaches.

In Summary, the PSC is committed to Long Term Coaching Development aligning with both Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer in order to provide quality and standard based programs for the Player Development pathway.