Pickering Soccer Club Salutes and Thanks Our 600+ Volunteers


The week of April 10 to 16 marks National Volunteer Week and the Pickering Soccer Club would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and thank the 600+ volunteers that provide their time and expertise to assist us in providing programs for our members and enabling the Club to continue to be a leader in the community and in the province.

Volunteers are what make our Club and our community healthy and strong.  In his message for National Volunteer Week in Canada Governor General David Johnston stated “Every time you give, you make a statement that says: this is the Canada that we want. A Canada that cares. A Canada that’s compassionate. A Canada where we help each other and all those in need.”

The PSC’s volunteers contribute over 30,000 hours of volunteer time over the course of the year.  Our group of volunteers includes coaches, managers and board members as well as a group of people who help us deliver and prepare our many programs. Our volunteers assist at Club events such as Festivals, Annual General Meeting, Coaches Meetings and Year End Tournaments.  This group of individuals accomplish extraordinary things every day and make Pickering a great place to live and play.

If you have a couple of hours a week, an hour a month, or a weekend to offer, please contact us.  We are always looking for special people who can make a contribution, big or small to our Club.  If this is you, please contact Dave Lord at admin-rec@nullpickeringsoccer.ca to take the next step in becoming a part of our proud group of volunteers.

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