PSC Frequently Asked Questions

Soccer Centre Information

  • Where is the Pickering Soccer Centre, and what are the facility hours?
    The Pickering Soccer Centre (PSC), also home of the Pickering Soccer Club administrative offices, is located 1975 Clements Road in Pickering (south of Bayly, between Brock Road and Church Street).  Our standard hours of service are typically 8am to midnight, 7 days per week, but are ultimately based on activities booked in advance.
  • How can I contact PSC?
    You can reach us by visiting the Pickering Soccer Centre during Club office hours, calling the office, or by sending emails or faxes.  A club directory that includes Board of Directors contact information can be found on our website at by clicking here.

    • Facility Phone: 289-624-2106 – for bookings/inquiries
    • Facility Manager: 905-831-9803  x 209 – limited hours
    • Club Phone: 905-831-9803  x 800 – for bookings/inquiries
    • Club Fax: 905-739-0067

    If the call is unanswered, you will be directed to the appropriate mailbox to leave a message.

  • What sports take place at the PSC?
    There are many programs provided by the Pickering Soccer Club that take place during the indoor season.  Internal programs include: All Abilities, Competitive, Elite, and Recreational soccer programs, including both training and games, soccer tournaments, sports camps, fitness sessions, and birthday party packages.

    External organizations have enjoyed the use of our facility for: cardiac rehabilitation, rugby, lacrosse, softball, touch football, track and field training, ultimate frisbee, meetings, presentations, movies, and more.

  • What are the dimensions of the facility?
    We have many available spaces in the Pickering Soccer Centre:

    • Full Event Room

    Capacity = 119 theater style, or 80 seated at tables.

    South Half  – 57 theater style, 40 seated at tables, with Smart Board/TV.

    North Half – 62 theater style , 48 seated at tables, includes Kitchen pass-through.

    Kitchen – includes fridge, counter space, sink,

    • Change Rooms

    Two (2) separate rooms for teams, one (1) separate room for team officials, one (1) handicap accessible room that includes a shower

    • Full Field

    118m x 60.3m (8,300 square metre) FIFA 1 Star full-size soccer pitch (that can be split into quarter fields) under a 9,000 square metre air-supported dome.  At it’s peak, the ceiling rises 22.86m (75 feet) above the pitch surface.

    • Half Field

    Two (2) quarter fields combined.  Dimensions = 60.3m x 58m (additional 2 metres between each quarter field).

    • Quarter Field

    Each quarter field is separated from the next by mesh netting.  Dimensions = 60.3m x 28m (an additional 2.5m between fields A and D and the dome wall).

    • 4-lane track

    Dimensions = 120m in length, each lane is approximately 1m wide.

  • What does it cost to rent space from your facility?
    To see our most current room, field, and track rental rate cards, please click here.
  • May I ask for a tour of the facility?
    We would love to show you our state of the art facility!  To arrange a tour, please contact
  • Can I check facility availability online?
    Yes!  Clicking here will provide access to our Pickering Soccer Centre Facility Scheduling Portal.  The Portal will facilitate two types of access for our customers (both current and potential).

    For customers who wish to look at the events running at the facility, they may now have access to the PSC Facility Events Calendar.  If, for example, you want to find out when Drop-In Soccer is running, you can check the calendar.  No user logon is required.

    For customers looking for an available time slot, user logon is required.  You will be able to search the Facility, by date, time, and field or room of your preference, and then submit an email request for an available time slot.  No request becomes a booking without formal email acceptance from PSC booking staff.

    IMPORTANT:  In order to avoid account duplication, customers who have previously booked/rented time at the Pickering Soccer Centre are asked to email for assistance with creation of a logon.  Please do not create a new account on your own.

  • What information is required to set up a booking?
    The first thing that is required is a customer account for you and your organization.  Information needed to set up an account includes:

    • Contact Name of person arranging/using the booking
    • Mailing address, including postal code
    • Preferred contact phone number
    • Preferred contact email address
    • Name of your organization

    Then we need to set up the actual booking.  We need to know the following:

    • What space do you require?  Specify full, half, quarter when booking a field and full or half when booking a room.  For room, be sure to indicate setup requirements: classroom, theatre style?  Do you need audio equipment?  Do you require the kitchenette to serve food?
    • Duration of your requested rental – 60 minutes? 90 minutes? etc
    • Date of your requested rental (give options if you can)
    • Time frame of your requested rental – are you looking for, as an example, 1pm-3:30 or 8pm – 10:30?
    • Please describe your event – is it a training session, a game, a classroom session, a team meeting?

    Once the account and the booking are set up, you will be sent (via email) a booking invoice.

  • Once I have set up a booking, what happens next?

    You will receive an email with attachments.  One of the attachments is the booking invoice, the other is a Terms & Conditions document.  Also attached is a “Stop Sign” document that outlines what is not allowed in the dome.

    If you also receive an email indicating that a Digital Signature PIN has been created for your account, it will enable you to digitally sign contracts and other correspondence created on your behalf.  We recommend you record the PIN information and store it in a safe place for future reference.

    If the digital signature function has been enabled for you, you will be requested to sign with your digital PIN to approve your new booking.

    IMPORTANT: ALWAYS READ YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND REVIEW YOUR INVOICE FOR ACCURACY!  Without reading and then digitally or manually signing your Terms and Conditions, and making a deposit payment on your booking (in accordance with the information outlined), your date/time-slot IS NOT FIRM and can be cancelled at the discretion of the Facility Manager or the Booking Coordinator.

  • Are there advertising or sponsorship opportunities at the Facility?
    Absolutely! Our advertising rate card is available here.  For more information on opportunities, please contact or or call the office.