Notice to Membership


April 6, 2018

Dear Members,

The Pickering Soccer Club (PSC) and the Ajax Football Club (AFC) have been an integral part of Soccer in the Durham Region for over 81 years combined.  Both clubs have been affected by the changing landscape of soccer in the region and across the province.  There is a noticeable trend towards clubs working together as partners and affiliates, while at the same time fragmentation is making the sport more complex for our players and parents.

The Boards of both the PSC and AFC have recognised and agreed that the integration of our two clubs with a united approach will best position us as a relevant and progressive Club with a more sustainable future.

The following Club Board Members have been appointed to the Integration Working Group:

Corrado Roccasalva (PSC President)                                      Craig Woods (AFC President)

Ed Whitehead (PSC Executive Vice President)                       David Berger (AFC Vice President)

Roz Lavoie (PSC Secretary)                                                       Worrell Smith (AFC Financial Officer)

Both clubs have begun formal discussion; information will be communicated as we move through the process leading to a Special General Meeting (SGM) for membership approval. The Executive Directors from each Club will support the process and act as a resource to the Integration Working Group.

Please forward any questions to


Corrado Roccasalva                                         Craig Woods

President, Pickering Soccer Club                 President, Ajax Football Club

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