Lucky 13 for Pickering Team as they win Cherry Beach Tournament on 13th PK

Goalkeeper Alberto I. steals the show with 5 straight shut-outs in 5 games PLUS he’s an awesome Penalty Kick taker!

You could say that 13 is a lucky number for the Pickering U15 Boys Green team because they won the Cherry Beach tournament in dramatic fashion.  After tying North Mississauga’s U14 OPDL team 0-0 in regulation time, the game went to PK’s.  In the first 5 penalty kicks, both teams scored 4 out of 5 kicks, but it was goalkeeper Alberto I., who took the 3rd PK for Pickering leaving both coaches totally impressed with his kick.  He picked the top corner in an unstoppable shot.

Both teams faced win-at-all cost situations for the next 6 shots, yet the game was still tied after all 11 players had taken their shots.  Then, Alberto stepped up to take the 12th shot for Pickering.  North Mississauga’s coach Darryl Hellam turned to Pickering’s coach and said, “What an amazing first kick your keeper took. I’d like to see him do that again!”

Alberto stepped up to the ball to try and tie the game to extend it to the 13th round.  He calmly found the same top right corner and got a reaction from all the spectators at the game.  Coach Hellam, applauded the effort, turned to Pickering’s coach DeBenedictis and said, “I think you’ve found your penalty kick taker!”

DeBenedictis replied, “You can’t beat that can you? He’s been reading my book!”

On the next shot, North Mississauga’s player fired the ball at the bottom right corner of the goal and Alberto stretched himself to his right to make an incredible save to set up his team for a chance to win on their next shot.  Aaron B. calmly left footed his shot into the goal to win the game and championship for Pickering.

It was Alberto who stole the show with 4 incredible saves in the 13 PK shots he faced. That’s an incredible 31% save rate!  Alberto also stood out in the 4 games to get to the final with Pickering winning three close games with 1-0 victories.  Pickering beat Wexford 3-0 in the other game, with Alberto robbing Wexford early in the game to keep a clean sheet.  Contributing to the shut-outs was the stellar defensive play, led by Captain Thomas G. and provided by Aqeel A. and Mekhi P.

In the end, all the players played well leading to the team’s first tournament victory and one that left all the players excited for the rest of the season.

To watch Alberto’s goals and saves, click the link below.

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