Frequently Asked Questions (Soccer Club)

Club Information

  • Where is the PSC Office, and what are the office hours?
    The Pickering Soccer Club is located in the Pickering Soccer Centre located at 1975 Clements Road in Pickering (south of Bayly, between Brock Road and Church Street).  Our office hours are shown at the bottom of each page of this website.
  • How can I contact PSC?
    You can reach us by visiting the Pickering Soccer Centre during office hours, calling the office, or by sending emails or faxes. A club directory that includes Board of Directors contact information can be found on our website at by clicking here.

    Phone: 905-831-9803 Fax: 905-239-0067

    If the call is unanswered, you will be directed to the individual’s mailbox to leave a message.

  • Volunteering - How can I help PSC?
    There are many areas where we need assistance. Everything from coaching recreational teams to assisting at specific club events relies upon dedicated volunteers. We also have a program to provide opportunities for Community Service hours to students! Click here to find a form for indicating your interest.
  • Can I sponsor my child's team?
    As a non-profit community club, we rely on community financial sponsorship as well as volunteerism to help us provide the diverse quality programs we offer to our youth. To get more details on how to sponsor, please click here.
  • Can I coach my child’s team?
    Absolutely! Stop by the club house or go online and fill in the paperwork. Contact the administrator of the age group to let them know that you’ve applied to coach. If you are approved, you will require a police check (the cost will be refunded by the PSC).
  • How can I become a coach? Do I need experience?
    You do not need to have coached before. Understanding of the game of soccer is an asset, but with the resources available at PSC including coaching clinics, other coaches, club staff and directors, and online assistance, you will do fine!


  • How do I register?
    Recreational registration can be done online or in person at the clubhouse. For first time player registration, proof of date of birth must be provided, either in person or by facsimile.

    Please ensure that your contact information (phone number and email address) are always kept current with PSC. When registering, you can update this information as required. Email is the preferred method of communication with our families, by both the team coaches and the club itself.

  • When does Registration Open?
    Registration generally opens for the Summer Outdoor programs (both competitive and recreational) in late January/early February.

    Registration for the Indoor Recreational program begins shortly after the Summer Outdoor season concludes with the Year End tournaments.

    Watch “Announcements” and “Events” for updates on registration dates.

  • What is the last day to register for the Recreational Outdoor Season?
    Registration spots are available on a first-come-first served basis. Providing spots are available, May 15th, 2020 is the cut-off date to register online for the Recreational Outdoor Season. Walk-in registrations will be accepted at the office until June 20th, 2020.
  • What are the playing nights, fields, and fees for 2020 for Recreational Outdoor Soccer?
    This detail has yet to be determined for the 2020 OUTDOOR season.  As the time nears, please watch “Club News” and the Registration page for updated info.
  • Is registration only for the Summer Outdoor program?
    Registration is available for almost all of our program offerings. Due to the diversity of our offerings, there are several different registration times in a calendar year. For example, registration for Summer Outdoor usually begins in January. Registration for Summer Camp takes place later in the spring, and registration for Winter Indoor usually starts in October, soon after the Summer Outdoor program concludes. Typically, you will see a notification that a program registration has begun under the “Announcements” on our home page.
  • What are the playing nights, fields, and fees for 2019-20 for Recreational Indoor Soccer?
    Click here to see the playing nights for the coming INDOOR season. Please note that nights are subject to change based on registration numbers. Any changes will be posted on the website under “Club News”.  All games are played at the Pickering Soccer Centre.

    Determine the player’s division using the player’s year of birth and gender (G=girl, B=boy), then consult the playing nights for that division contained under the Recreational main screen.

  • How can I pay the registration fees?
    Online registrations can be done using Visa or Mastercard. Registrations at the clubhouse may be done via cash, debit, money order, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

    PLEASE NOTE: Cheques are NOT accepted!

  • When do the fees increase?
    Current COMPETITIVE fees will increase May 1st.

    RECREATIONAL: This year we are pleased to offer the “Early Bird” rate that will enable you to ensure a spot on a team at the lowest possible price of the season.  However, don’t delay, the Early Bird opportunity will expire at the end of March 2019!

    Recreational programs NOT subject to increases – All Abilities / U18 / Co-Ed / Sunday Rec Women / DSL Women

    NOTE: Prices go up at midnight and we have extended office hours the regular business day prior to the increase.

  • What is the club's Refund Policy?

    All refunds will be subject to:

    • An administrative fee, as set by the program budget,
    • Any non-refundable DRSA/OS/League registration fees applicable to the participant, and
    • Pro-rated game/training fees where applicable.

    To view the full Refund Policy in the PSC Policy Manual, please click here.

    Competitive refund requests: All refunds must be requested through the office ( and require approval of the appropriate Director and Coach.

    PLEASE NOTE: Game/Practice nights are subject to change.

  • How does the multi-player (family) discount work?
    Families with three (3) or more registered players (in either Recreational or Competitive) in a given season are eligible for a discount equal to a $50.00 rebate per family.

    During online registration, complete the online process up to the payment prompts and at this point, select “pay at the office”. The discount will be allocated at the time you make the payment. Please print and bring the pre-registration statement into the office for processing.

    NOTE: Summer Camp or All Star registrations are NOT eligible as additional program registrations.

  • The online registration doesn't look the same as before. Howcome?
    Effective 2019, PSC is now using Sports Engine as our registration software, and as such, all members are required to create a new account in order to register online. At the initial setup, you will create your new account with your specific information. Please record the email and password you have used for future logins.

    If you forget your password at a future date, there is a “forgot password?” link. Click there and the information will be sent to you via email.

    If you change your email address in the future, please remember to update your account prior to attempting a future  registration.

  • When are registration receipts issued?
    Receipts are issued (at the office or online) once payment has been received. Please retain receipts as they may be used for tax purposes. Re-prints are subjected to a $10 fee per copy.

During the Season

  • When does the Recreational Outdoor Season start and end?
    At this point, the Recreational Outdoor Season is targeted to start around the long weekend in May and will run until approximately the second week of September.
  • What does each recreational player receive once registered?
    Each recreational player receives a full uniform kit (jersey, shorts & socks), photo and a participation gift. Players aged U3-U14 also receive an individual soccer ball.
  • What equipment is mandatory?
    It is mandatory that all soccer players (including goal keepers), regardless of age, gender, or ability, wear shin guards/pads. Proper soccer shoes (cleats) are not mandatory, but to avoid slipping, they are highly recommended.

    The equipment rule specific to jewellery, that each player/parent must be aware of, is as follows:

    NO JEWELLERY IS TO BE WORN WHILE PLAYING A GAME AND IS TO BE REMOVED PRIOR TO THE START OF THE GAME. COVERING JEWELLERY WITH TAPE IS NOT PERMITTED AT ALL. If a player has just recently had a piercing done, rest assured that removing the jewellery for 1-2 hours will not cause the holes to close up. If the jewellery cannot be removed, he/she MUST bring this to the attention of the referee who will make a decision with or without the assistance of the coaches who are present.

  • What should we bring to each game?
    Wear your complete uniform. It is important that each player bring plenty of water (considered the best for children) to the game regardless of the weather.

    Pickering Soccer Club has instituted a healthy snack policy. Regardless of whether or not your child’s coach or team parents supply a snack at practices, games or tournaments, please remember that it is in the best interest of your athlete to consume healthy snacks before, during, and after games.

    At the younger age groups, players receive a training or practice soccer ball. Please ensure your child takes their soccer ball to each and every practice. It is not necessary to take their own ball to the games, but the coach counts on the players each having a ball at practice. To avoid losing the ball, please use a marker to note your child’s initials (not full name) and/or number on their ball.

  • How are the teams made up?
    The Pickering Soccer Club uses Sports Savvy, a leading sports software, to build teams with the primary focus of keeping each age division balanced. The system takes into account player skill levels that are entered from player ratings provided by coaches from the previous seasons – both outdoors and indoors.

    In order to provide ALL of our members with the best soccer experience, we discourage “play with” requests.

    If you are willing to “pay it forward” in an effort to have a “play with” request accommodated and confirmed, you can:

    • Coach a Team – coach your child plus get one additional “pick”, either a player or adult helper (and their child)
    • Sponsor a Team – for $415.00 place your child plus one “pick” on the team you sponsor, PLUS receive a tax receipt, marketing opportunities and be recognized as a community leader!

    For an Administrative Fee of $50 – applicable to each player and with the consent of both parties – you may request your child and one friend play together.  This request may not be combined with any other special request, and we will return the fee if we are unable to accommodate the request.  We cannot guarantee any “play with” requests due to the size of the program and the balancing requirements.

  • We live close to a soccer field. Can my child play their games/practices there?
    No, unfortunately not. With close to 3,000 recreational players, schedules are not based on residency.
  • When will schedules be available?
    Schedules will be available online approximately one week before the estimated Recreational Outdoor Season is targeted to start.
  • When will players be notified as to what team they are assigned to?
    Players will be notified by their assigned team coach roughly one week before the targeted start date.
  • I haven't received a call from my child's coach yet ... what should I do?
    Not all coaches receive their roster information at the same time, nor do they have personal schedules that enable them to contact their players immediately upon receipt of the roster. Please be patient while you are waiting to hear from someone! Also, make sure YOUR contact information is kept up to date so that you can be contacted.

    Recreational schedules are posted on the site approximately one week prior to the season start. Please go here to see the schedules by age division.

    The club makes every effort to contact each family by email (email is the preferred method of contact so please ensure that we have your correct email address) to indicate which team (by Sponsor Name and/or jersey colour) that your child has been assigned to.  In the event that your child’s coach has been unable to contact you, you will know what time and what location applies to your son’s/daughter’s team.

  • When is picture day?
    Recreational Teams will be having pictures taken on [date to be advised] at the Pickering Soccer Centre.  A schedule will be provided once the season gets underway.  Competitive teams will also be photographed on these dates, with details to be arranged on a team by team basis.
  • When are the Year-End Tournaments?
    Microfest 2018 for U3-U8 typically scheduled for the last weekend in August.  Senior Year End for U18 will also take place toward the end of August.  Youth Year End for U9-U16 will be held early September (after Labour Day).  Year End for Women’s Rec will be held on a weekend in mid-September.
  • How will we know when games are cancelled due to bad weather?
    Field closures will be posted on the club website ( on the home page. Decisions will be made in concert with the City of Pickering, and be posted by 4 p.m. daily. You may also receive a phone call or an email from your coach indicating that a game is cancelled, but it is each player’s responsibility to check the website.

    Rain alone does NOT constitute bad weather! Games could be cancelled due to lightning, field conditions – including extreme saturation or flooding – or extreme heat.

    If at 4 p.m. fields are listed as OPEN but weather worsens, go to the assigned field and the Referees and Coaches will determine if games are cancelled. If the game is NOT cancelled and a team is short of players, the game will be forfeited.

  • What should I do if my son/daughter is injured playing soccer during the season?
    Please ensure you advise your child’s coach. The coach will complete a form and ensure that the club is aware of what happened and the condition of your child.

    Serious injuries may require followup medical care; each PSC player is covered by Ontario Soccer Player insurance. For information on coverage and how to file a claim, click here.

Special Requests

  • Can players request to be placed on a specific team?
    No.  It is difficult for the Club to manage team requests based on the need to effectively balance teams, and as such, we cannot accept requests to be on a specific team.

    At the same time, we understand that there can be issues getting children to/from their activities in today’s busy society.

    For a “play with” request to be accommodated and confirmed, you can:

    • Coach a Team – coach your child plus get one additional “pick”, either a player or adult helper (and their child)
    • Sponsor a Team – for only $415.00 place your child plus one “pick” on the team you sponsor, PLUS receive a tax receipt, marketing opportunities and be recognized as a community leader!

    For an Administrative Fee of $50 – applicable to each player and with the consent of both parties – you may request your child and one friend play together.  This will not be applicable to requests to play on a specific team.  This request may not be combined with any other special request, and we will return the fee if we are unable to accommodate the request.  We cannot guarantee any “play with” requests due to the size of the program and the balancing requirements.

  • I have 2 children very close in age. Can the younger child play on the same team with his/her brother/sister?
    Pickering Soccer Club policy is that players should play with their own age group as much as possible. It would be unfair to turn away a player who legitimately belongs in an age group as a result of taking a younger player.

    However, if there are reasons deemed legitimate for the “play up” request, the director of the division and/or VP of Operations will undertake to interview the player and parent and make a determination. If a player is moved up to the next age division, the parent will be required to sign a waiver agreeing to the move.

    Occasionally, rather than leave players on waiting lists, we may move players up when a division is full and the next higher division needs additional players. This is only done at the club’s discretion and again, parents must confirm approval via a waiver.

    NOTE: A registration cannot be accepted that is dependent on this or any other condition.

  • I have a child with special needs. Can you accommodate us?
    Pickering Soccer is very proud of our All Abilities program. Please click here for details on what we offer.
  • Can a child play soccer if they wear prescription eye glasses?
    Yes. It is understood by the Club (and the Region) that at the recreational level, most players will not have invested in sport safety eyeglasses, laser surgery or perhaps even contact lenses. At the very least, please invest in an elastic strap to secure the eye glasses to the players’ head. It is ultimately up to the discretion of the referee at each game to make a call on whether or not to allow the player to play, having made his/her decision on whether the non-sanctioned “equipment” poses a significant risk to those involved in the game.

    Prescription eyeglasses will be allowed by the refs if they are deemed to be “safe”, however, it is still up to the referee at the game to make a final decision. A referee may choose to “warn” a coach/player/parent of the inherent risks associated with wearing the glasses in this type of sport and then let the child play. Another referee may decide that it would be unsafe for the player and those around them. Most referees will allow players with eyeglasses, but you could possibly meet one that won’t allow it.

    Competitive level players will require sanctioned sport safety glasses.

  • Can a child play soccer while they are in a cast?
    All casts – particularly hard casts – won’t be allowed by a referee. It’s not just about potentially hurting other players, it’s also about the player in the cast getting hurt more in the event of a fall or collision. Please refer to the Ontario Soccer Cast Policy, found here, to which PSC adheres.
  • Can a child play soccer using a knee brace?
    Yes, but a hard knee brace must be covered by the proper sleeve. Soft knee braces are also allowed. As with any equipment outside of the standard kit, please remember, it is ultimately at the discretion of the referee.


  • We are planning an extended vacation this summer. Should I still register my son/daughter?
    We do not offer discounts to those players who will not be able to attend for the entire 14 weeks of the summer program. We will however provide equal playing time to all those recreational players who are in attendance during the season. As with any team sport, a commitment to the team – consistent attendance at games and practices – is beneficial to the team as a whole.

    Please ensure you advise your coach about absences from games and/or practices!

  • Our children are registered in other sports/activities over the summer that may conflict depending on their schedules. Should I still register my son/daughter?
    You are making a commitment (on behalf of your child) to be at practices and games on a consistent basis (with the exception of vacation time). To aid with scheduling, we provide you with a schedule as early as possible in the season highlighting games, practices and other important dates. It is possible that changes to these schedules may be necessary once we know how many players have registered for each of the divisions. If you register and then later withdraw (before the deadline) you will be charged the administrative fee.

    Please ensure you advise your coach about absences from games and/or practices!