About Us

The mission statement of the Pickering Soccer Club (PSC) is “To create and enhance opportunities to participate, develop, and excel in the sport of soccer, while promoting an active lifestyle.”

The Pickering Soccer Club Inc. (PSC) is a registered non-profit organization incorporated in September of 1984, governed by a 13-member volunteer Board of Directors. The mandate of the PSC is to provide soccer related programs to the residents of Pickering, and the Durham region.  As part of the PSC’s growth, we have shown competence in member management, marketing, program management, and operations.  Our Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who strive to make soccer fun and engaging for the community it serves.  As a volunteer based, non-profit, community organization, PSC currently employs both full-time and part-time staff who rely heavily upon our 500+ community volunteers annually, and in so doing, we also support the Board of Education’s Community Service mandate for local high school students giving back to the community as coaches.

The Pickering Soccer Club is an essential and indispensable component of our community, providing diverse activities that respond to the interests and needs of children, youth and families in Pickering.  We welcome people from all economic backgrounds and ethnic/religious cultures.  We provide a safe and vibrant place in the community where children and youth can learn, play, have fun and develop a sense of personal belonging and achievement.  We are committed to building character, wellness, and fellowship through programs that promote moral and ethical values, and we make every effort to be a leading family advocate in the community.  Our youth are encouraged to participate in leadership roles; roles that will enable them to make a positive contribution to our growing community.

PSC provides services to all the residents of Pickering between the ages of 3 to 50+.  We offer various Recreational programs segmented into age groups identified as: Micro boys and girls (aged 3-8), Mini boys and girls (9-12), Full Field boys and girls (13-21), and Adult Men, Women and Co-Ed. We also have a recognized program for Special Needs athletes and we ensure opportunities for disadvantaged youth to participate in our soccer programs through a variety of club and community financial subsidies.  As a Club, we also ensure opportunities for disadvantaged youth to participate in our soccer programs through various club and community financial subsidies.  PSC’s Competitive program provides opportunities for both male and female players between the ages of 8-Adult to compete at the regional, provincial, and national levels.

Pickering Soccer Club’s Elite Player Pathway includes Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) through to League 1 Men’s and Women’s teams.  We are currently the only club in the region holding licenses to operate in the Ontario Soccer Association’s (OSA) two standards based leagues for both males and females.  PSC first entered the standards based soccer environment in the spring of 2014 with the U13 boys and girls programs in the inaugural season of OPDL.  In March of 2014, PSC was also granted a license to participate in the first season of League 1 Ontario (L1O), the standards based Pro-Am league designed to bridge the gap for players with aspirations of playing the game at a high level, and also provide clubs with development opportunities for coaches and referees alike.  Currently, the OPDL program operates as United Football Alliance while the League 1 operates as Durham United Football Alliance and the programs are administrated from PSC offices at the Pickering Soccer Centre.  Our alliance partners include the Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club and the West Rouge Soccer Club.