A Message from our President #PSCproud

Dear Member,

On behalf of the Pickering Soccer Club Board and Staff we would like to offer a sincere thank you to our players, coaches, match officials and supporters for an excellent 2017-2018.

As I presented at our 2018 AGM, the success on and off the field truly embodies our #PSCProud hashtag. These successes are a clear reflection of your choice and commitment to the PSC family.

We understand that a decision to make PSC your club of choice must be in the best interest of your family. Our focus is on providing you with Best in Class programming, establishing PSC as a Destination Club while fostering a sense of family and belonging. In doing so, we hope to be rewarded with your loyalty and in turn the opportunity to share your success stories with our community and future members as they too consider PSC as their Destination Club.

A 2017 PSC Club Survey found that 89% of Members felt the Club offered programming that suited their child’s needs, with Facilities and Coaching among the areas that exceeded parent expectations.

To earn your long-term membership commitment requires you to consider many factors, such as:

Our Municipality – consider this;

The City of Pickering has long supported youth sport participation and especially the efforts and contributions to the community made by the PSC. From our partnership to bring the dome, through to the annual Santa Claus Parade and our accessibility efforts, this relationship allows us to work hand in hand to serve you better with the needs of today as well as those of tomorrow.

Awards and Recognition – consider this;

1. 2018 Volunteer Award from MPP Tracy McCharles
2. 2017 City of Pickering Accessibility Award
3. 2016 DRSA Referee of the Year Award
4. 2015 Readers Choice Award Winner
5. 2009 Ontario Soccer Meritorious Award for Service to Soccer

Access to Facilities – consider this;

The state-of-the-art Pickering Soccer Centre enables the PSC to offer programming right in your backyard and limit travel to neighbouring communities in adverse winter conditions leading to a safer and less stressful family environment leading to a better play/travel situation.

Managing and operating the Pickering Soccer Centre also allows the PSC to adjust quickly to the needs of the community and undertake initiatives contributing to the health and well-being of so many in our region. Such initiatives at the Soccer Centre include:

1. Our In Motion program, generously grant-funded by the Ontario Government has impacted the lives of over 200 seniors each week in our community. Enjoying social opportunities created from
a weekly meeting, walking soccer and walk the dome sessions has been a huge boost for them and
brought the facility to life during our non-peak hours.
2. Cardiac Care, a program led by Lakeridge Health has been operating every Wednesday at the
facility and proven successful for many people returning back to every day life following cardiac

Facility programming is now busier and more varied than ever. From softball and athletics to our regular
club programs and special events we are growing our facility users. This assists in our business model
towards a controlling share of the facility but be assured, we will always put our members first in the use
of the Pickering Soccer Centre.

All Abilities – consider this;

The PSC All Abilities program has served player with special needs from across the GTA for over a decade
now. We are widely respected for this program by Canada Soccer, Ontario Soccer, Grandview Children’s
Hospital, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab and many, many other partners. We are;

1. Trailblazers in the way we deliver, assess and improve on our program
2. Government supported, with successful funding application to help inform other Clubs
3. Perceived as leader not only in the Region but also in Ontario
4. Relationship builders, connecting with over 20 Clubs and groups across the province
5. Built around dedicated volunteers and a thriving youth coaching team.

Effective Community Leaders – consider this;

Soccer in Schools, a program kindly funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, is enabling the Club to
have meaningful contact with over 60 high school and 240 elementary school students in our city.
Developing the next wave of young coaches, players and match officials from our community while
building relationships with education leaders is hugely important to us.

Technical Staff – Consider this;

The Soccer community is in fact a very small one, technical staff have intimate knowledge of those within
it and for the most part they have a great deal of respect for each other. The common thread they all
share is a passion for the game. We all know that passion can be the building block of success. However,
passion along with knowledge, expertise and training acquired through accredited means can make the
impossible something we merely contemplated yesterday.

We are extremely proud of our staff and the pride they take in developing their craft. The PSC supports
their ambitions for further learning and we are rewarded with their loyalty. In fact, we have just
celebrated 10-year anniversaries for 7 of our coaches in the competitive environment as well as 2 at the
recreational level. Many of our other coaches have been with us for over 5 years establishing credibility
within the membership.

Their experience and dedication under the direction of our Director of Soccer Development has led to
unprecedented success on the field. This year alone we have been fortunate to compete and succeed at
many levels of competition which include:

  • 2004 Girls – Ontario Futsal Cup Champions
  • 2003 Boys – Cherry Beach Tournament Champions
  • 2000 Boys – Frank Sobil Tournament Champions
  • 2006 Boys Green – USA Cup Champions (beating two Mexican teams en route)
  • 2006 Boys Gold – USA Cup Semi-Finalist (beating one Mexican team en route)
  • 2005 Girls promotion to CSL and Division Champion
  • 2003 Girls promotion to CSL and Division Second Place
  • 2001 Girls League Champions, promotion to CSL
  • 2005 Boys promotion to CSL
  • OWSL Ontario Cup Finalist
  • League 1 Women League Champions
  • 2004 Girls OPDL Charity Shield Champion

Player Development Success, consider this;

  • 2 female national team representatives
  • 3 professional male players
  • 65 university and college scholarships
  • 1 TFC Academy signing at U12
  • 23 OPDL recognized players for the ID camp.

When on field success alone is not enough, consider this;

As one of only three Clubs in the province to have received the Ontario Soccer Club Excellence Gold
Award every year since its inception in 2008, the PSC is held in high regard by Ontario Soccer who
consider us leaders in the development of our game in this Province.

A road map for the future, consider this;

The Canada Soccer National Youth License launched in March 2018 and is assessed annually by our
national governing body. This License is the enabler that will define where your child’s team may
compete and in turn guide them to pursue their soccer aspirations. At this stage, and as an inaugural
Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) Club we have jumped at the opportunity to be amongst the
top 26 (of 600) clubs across the province that have been invited to apply. This National recognition will
further highlight our programs, facility and members and we’re excited that you are part of something

Our vision, ‘to be the best community club in Canada’, is sometimes challenging but always rewarding
and we know that our programs affect so many community members so our reputation as leaders
extends far beyond our boundaries at Church Street, York-Durham Line and Uxbridge-Pickering

The membership decision is one that is made on a seasonal basis through Summer Outdoor and Winter
Indoor seasons. As such, we hope to earn your trust in the same manner, with no annual fees to secure
your membership and loyalty.

It is our hope that your success and hard work along with ours, will allow you to Consider all of
this in the decision-making process as you commit to PSC as your Club of choice!

Yours in Soccer,
Corrado Roccasalva
Pickering Soccer Club

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