2018 MPP Tracy MacCharles Levee & Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Pickering Soccer Club All Abilities program is proud to put forth Garrett as one of our outstanding volunteers for MPP Tracy MacCharles 2018 Levee and Volunteer Recognition.  The Pickering Soccer Club’s All Abilities Program is a unique program offering children and youth with special needs a chance to have fun, make friends, and get fit through the great game of soccer.   Garrett has been with the All Abilities program as an athlete for many years and has been volunteering since 2015.  He has accumulated over 70 hours coaching our younger athletes in the first hour while still participating with his team in the second hour of the program.

Garrett has excelled in the responsibility of being a mentor to the younger athletes and has grown into the kind and gentle young man we see today. He is always punctual, and prepared to go out on the field.  Our PSC parents and athletes of are inspired by him and encouraged by his tenacity.


See More: http://tracymaccharles.onmpp.ca/News/15121?rc=l&l=EN

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