2019 Summer Sports Camp Recap

July 2019 – Our athletes had quite an amazing four weeks.  In the morning, we touched on everything soccer – from the attacking side of the game to the defending side of the game.  It was amazing watching the kids learn and understand the game better.

The afternoons were designed for our athletes to show us their skills in a variety of sports.  From basketball to baseball; anything they wanted to try – even the craziest game of soccer baseball you will ever see.

I love these camps simply because on day one no one knows anyone and by Friday everyone is best friends (that includes the campers and coaches).  Parents and players also seemed to love the camp.

One parent said “My son would be here for as many weeks as this goes on”.

I can’t wait until next summer; we plan to enhance some things and bring in new surprises!  Watch out for the PA Days camps and maybe you might get some insight into the surprises!

Thanks to our athletes for joining us this summer!  We are looking forward to seeing you again next summer and at the next PA Day Camp!

Coach Adam and Coach Trey

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